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The Need for AI-Powered Test Analytics

Testing is crucial to ensuring customer success in today's digital world. Unfortunately, there is no one source of truth for intelligent testing-related data collection and interpretation. It's a herculean task to integrate data from multiple sources and create meaningful dashboards with insightful extracted data.

Test Analytics

LambdaTest AI-Powered Test Analytics

LambdaTest makes it fast and simple to unify all test execution data on a centralized test analytics platform so you can take an informed decision.

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LambdaTest Analytics

Test Analytics Overview

Access vital information on tests including test inconsistencies, number of tests, and tests categorized by their status and environments.

Easily analyze the inconsistencies of the tests executed on the platform

Test Case Health Summary
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Extensive Error Insights

Easy access to information about the count, and type of errors in test analytics through the highly customizable widgets.

Error Stats

Grouped Error Stats

Know your bugs better with the LambdaTest Test Analytics. Examine the tests categorized by their Status on LambdaTest Platform.

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HyperExecute Test Analytics

Access all HyperExecute insights in one place. Quick insights on the count of the Jobs, Tasks, and Stages run on the platform and their insights.

Obtain deep insights about the Jobs executed on the platform

Job Insights
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Resource Utilization

Get an overview of the LambdaTest resources being utilized by your team

Concurrency Trends

Concurrency Trends

Track the executed tests which are kept in the queue and the tests that are in a running state.

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Why LambdaTest Test Analytics?

Integrated Debugging

AI-Powered Insights

Empower your team with detailed AI-Powered test execution insights. LambdaTest Test Analytics makes it easier for your team to understand test execution insights at a single place!

Locally Hosted Web Testing

Highly customizable

Experience endless possibilities with modules and widgets. Build custom dashboards to share metrics specific to your stakeholders.

Geo Location Testing

Easy Distribution

Share real-time test execution data with a click of a button. Close the gap between data, insight, and action for better and faster decision-making.

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