Optimizing User Experience: Airmeet's Journey with LambdaTest for Virtual Event Platform Testing



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Real Device Cloud

Cross-Browser Testing

David Seel

Lambda test supports testing with different OS, Versions, browsers, and devices.UI is really good and user-friendly.

Srikant Karanam

QA Manager,


About Airmeet

Airmeet is a platform for all types of virtual events such as virtual summits, meetups & workshops. They are the only events platform that puts attendee-first experience front and center. Both their product and pricing reflect the attendee-first approach. Airmeet provides an unmatchable networking experience. Their AirCare range of professional event services & support is a true USP for the customers. They also stand out when it comes to event customization & branding.

Problem Statement

Airmeet had limited physical devices and they wanted a platform that helps them in saving the cost for devices and provide a wider coverage on different manufacturers/models. They wanted a platform that aids them to help businesses engage with their buyers, and enable them to grow customer relationships to accelerate revenue and strengthen customer loyalty.

Evaluating Solutions

Airmeet was mostly focused on manual testing and wanted to move towards automation testing to meet their automation needs and enhance customer experience. They were testing on physical devices before adopting LambdaTest and they wanted to reduce the cost. Airmeet was using a LambdaTest alternative but was suffering from higher costs and limited users.

What Happened After Airmeet Adopted LambdaTest

Airmeet is a platform for virtual events that allows users to host and attend virtual events such as conferences, meetings, and webinars. To give a superior user experience to their clients, Airmeet needed to ensure that their platform worked fluidly across all resolutions, operating systems, browsers, and devices. They chose LambdaTest, a cloud-based testing platform that gives them access to a variety of real devices, browsers, and operating systems for manual and automated testing.

  • In order to conduct thorough testing across numerous physical locations, Airmeet used LambdaTest's device cloud, gaining access to a huge variety of real devices and virtual PCs distributed over international cloud servers. Through the simulation of actual events, they were able to assess the functionality and user experience of their platform under a variety of network conditions. With the use of LambdaTest's capabilities, Airmeet also carried out comprehensive browser compatibility testing, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. This made it possible for users to access their platform using the browser of their choice because it provided smooth functionality across numerous browsers.
  • Airmeet also used LambdaTest to test their platform on several operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux. This aided them in ensuring that their platform functions seamlessly across different operating systems and that users can access it from any device running any operating system.
  • Airmeet used LambdaTest's responsive testing functionality to test their platform on various resolutions and devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. This aided them in ensuring that their platform is responsive and operates well across a variety of screen sizes and resolutions.
  • Airmeet was able to undertake manual and automated testing with ease because to LambdaTest's user-friendly Interface and simple-to-install testing tools. The platform provides a simple and easy interface for users to undertake manual testing without any technical expertise, as well as automated testing interoperability with popular testing frameworks such as Selenium, Appium, and Cypress.

Benefits And Results

Airmeet used LambdaTest's device cloud, browser compatibility testing, operating system testing, responsive testing, user-friendly UI, and real devices to ensure that their virtual events platform works seamlessly across different resolutions, operating systems, browsers, and devices, and that their customers have a superior user experience.

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