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Test location-based scenarios with GPS and IP geolocation on LambdaTest cloud of over 3,000 real devices and desktop browsers.

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Test From 50+ Countries

Test your website and native mobile apps across more than 50 countries across the globe and see if your app or website provides a perfect experience from all locations. Choose from India, Japan, United States, Canada, Germany, UK, Australia and more.
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Test From 50+ Countries
Run Automated Tests From Various Locations

Automated Geolocation testing

Run Automated Tests From Various Locations

Speed up your test run from different Geolocations by running automation test scripts. All you need to do is to pass a capability for Geolocation and your automation tests will automatically run from the desired location.
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Geo Targeting

Achieve Scale With Accuracy

Check if your users get to see your website and mobile app as intended when accessed from different Geolocations. Check for localized content as per the country, SERP from different locations and more.
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Geo Localization Test Online

Geo Localization

Test On Locations Around The World

Test if Geo Localization features like language translation, currency change, time zone changes, are reflecting according to different locations or not using LambdaTest's Geolocation testing.
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Geo Blocking

Test for Location Based Compliances

With LambdaTest's Geolocation testing, you can test if your blocked/restricted image, content, or video is blocked as intended from different Geolocations or not!
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Test for location based complience
Test on Mobile devices

Accurate Testing

Test with GPS and IP Geolocation

Test your websites with GPS and IP Geolocation on all versions of Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS running latest and legacy browsers. Test on real devices running real browsers and OS from any location.
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Features To Accelerate Geolocation Testing

It's not just about infrastructure, you get a whole range of complimentary features that will make your online Geolocation testing experience smoother, and helps you ship products faster.



Test if your media is tagged correctly to a location, such as photos and videos. Find out if users can find the geotagged posts.



Check that your mobile app sends the appropriate notification when a user crosses a predefined geographical boundary.

Test Locally hosted pages and apps

Local Host Testing

Local hosted web testing and app testing to help you test in dev/real environments and save your website or app from after deployment bugs.

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By being able to run our Selenium scripts on the legacy and latest browsers on LambdaTest helped us save significant time in test execution with zero hassle to maintain the infra.

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Run Selenium automation scripts on a scalable, secure, and reliable Selenium Grid cloud. Run Selenium, Appium, and JavaScript tests at scale on 3000+ desktop and mobile devices.

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Selenium Testing

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is geolocation testing?
Geolocation testing is the process of testing an application for various geographical locations. Geolocation testing is a responsible job as it is often not 'just a feature' but an integral part of the application. Businesses can use geolocation to their advantage, sometimes even making their business model revolve around it. Geolocation testing ensures that when your application crosses borders, it behaves according to the region's laws.
How do you do location based testing?
Most QAs can use the LambdaTest Platform to test apps and websites from different locations, worldwide. LambdaTest’s global device cloud lets you access the tools you need to evaluate your app’s behavior in real-world scenarios across multiple geographies.
How can I test my website in different locations?
LambdaTest allows you to test your website in different locations by providing a cloud of 3,000+ real devices and desktop browsers with GPS and IP geolocation. You can register on the platform, choose an operating system and browser, and then begin testing by visiting the dashboard. Once the session begins, click Change Location in the floating toolbox and then enter the desired location or country.
Why is LambdaTest the best choice for geolocation testing?
LambdaTest offers features like Automated geolocation testing, geo-targeting, geo-localization, and geo-blocking. With LambdaTest’s cross-device and cross-browser compatible cloud of 3000+ real desktop and mobile devices, you can focus on delivering better apps instead of wasting time on compatibility issues.
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