Website Responsive Test With LT Browser

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responsive mobile websites.

Windows 7+, OS X 10.10+ & Ubuntu 12.04+

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Website Responsive Test With Multiple Devices

With LT Browser, perform website responsive tests over a plethora of devices. The latest version lets you check your mobile website's responsiveness by simultaneously interacting and testing with up to six device viewports.

Interact and Test
  • Trepp
  • Edureka
  • Emburse
  • Noibu

Check Mobile View Of Your Website

Test website on different pre-installed mobile device view ports. Check the mobile view of website on Android and iOS resolutions with LT Browser, a dev friendly browser for website responsive test.

Check Mobile View

9 Things You Can Do With LT Browser


Native Chromium Engine

Use all Chrome browser features like settings and APIs, having better OS integration, accessing latest Chrome DevTools.


Multiple Device Viewports

Choose from a wide range of devices and effortlessly interact and test responsiveness across multiple device viewports.


Dedicated Chrome DevTools

Enhance your mobile view debugging with built-in Chrome dev tools for each device viewport, enabling faster debugging.


Multiple Recording Options

LT Browser lets you record the entire screen or a specific tab in tablet or mobile view and easily share it with your team.


Google Lighthouse Report

Get access to concise lighthouse report for viewing your website's key performance metrics, including accessibility score and SEO.


Hot Reloading Feature

LT Browser's user-friendly interface, quick documentation, and hot reloading ensure seamless code updates in device viewports.


Network Throttling

Ensure seamless user experience by checking your mobile view website's responsiveness on various network profiles.


Multiple Bug Reports

Create and share responsive bug reports seamlessly across preferred project management or messaging tools.


Test History

Developers using LT Browser access their test history for informed decisions and clear site cookies via Chrome settings.

Dedicated DevTools for Different Viewports

Now fasten your website responsive testing and debugging process with multiple dev tools. LT Browser offers you separate dev tools for every device to debug them simultaneously.

Dedicated DevTools for Different Viewports

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Hot Reloading Support

Hot Reloading Support

To help you see the changes in real-time while performing responsive test online, LT Browser also offers supports hot reloading. Like your regular Chrome browser, you can use navigation arrows, refresh the web page and more. Whenever you hit save in your react code in your code editor or IDE, the local URL automatically reloads in the device viewports.

Test On Different Network Conditions

Test your mobile website's responsiveness with LT Browser's network throttling feature. Deliver seamless user experience by testing your website on low to high network profiles.

Test On Different Network Conditions
Multiple Test Recording Options

Multiple Responsive Test Recording Options

LT Browser now offers developers multiple website responsive test recording options. Fight elusive responsive bugs by recording the entire screen or a particular LT Browser tab over a tablet or mobile view and share it with your team through your favorite project management tool.

Why Mobile View is Important?

  • Conversion Rate
  • SEO
  • Brand Image
  • Bounce Rate
  • Mobile
79% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile device in the last 6 months in 2022.
Generate Multiple Bug Reports

Generate Multiple Bug Reports

Generate multiple bugs and error reports with a single click. Share the reports faster with your team by integrating your favorite project management, bug tracking, or instant messaging tool.

Improve Website Performance With Lighthouse Reports

LT Browser allows you to generate detailed performance reports of your website in a single click. Powered by Google Lighthouse, these detailed performance reports allow you to make informed decisions with the statistics to analyze key performance metrics, accessibility score, SEO, and scope to improve overall performance.

Generate Multiple Bug Reports
Leverage The Power of Chromium

Leverage The Power of Chromium

The new LT Browser is built on the Chromium engine, performing faster than ever. Now take advantage of all the Chrome features directly on the LT Browser, such as using Chrome settings and APIs, having better OS integration, accessing faster and latest Chrome devtools, experiencing better memory management, having Chrome extension support, and more.

Automate Visual Regression Testing in a Single Click!

Follow our step-by-step guide to performing Visual Regression tests to deliver a better user experience.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I check my responsiveness online?
You can download the free-to-use LT Browser, a developer-friendly browser to help you test the responsiveness of your mobile website and web apps across 50+ device viewports.
Which is a free tool for responsive testing?
LT Browser is a newly launched free-to-use responsive testing tool. Developers don’t even require any login credentials to get started. Check the responsiveness of your mobile websites and web apps across 50+ device viewports.
What is responsive testing with example?
Responsive testing is a process that makes sure your website looks good on all devices. It uses CSS media queries based on the user's device to check how well your responsive design is optimized for different screen sizes and resolutions.
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