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Advanced Test Analytics for your cloud platform


What is Analytics?

Analytics in LambdaTest allows the QA managers and executives to efficiently track the tests conducted on the platform and get deep-level insights with the numerous widgets that the product provides.

Why is Analytics needed?

When managing multiple product lines it gets arduous for the QA managers to track the progress and quality of tests running on the platform.

Analytics effectively allows these managers to track and improve the tests at one sight with the help of the highly customizable dashboards available with Analytics

How does it work?

Setting up analytics is simple. Just run the tests on your favorite LambdaTest products and Analytics will automatically track the test information from the platform. In order to create your dashboard follow the steps mentioned in this article.

What LambdaTest products does Analytics support?

Analytics is currently supported by 3 LambdaTest products

  • Web Automation
  • HyperExecute
  • App Automation

Other LambdaTest products will be added soon with Analytics support.