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Analytics Modules

Resource Utilization

Know how your team utilizes LambdaTest

The Resource Utilization module enables the QA Managers to get an overview of the LambdaTest resources being utilized by their teams.

There is 1 widget under the Resource Utilization module

  • Concurrency Trends

The Concurrency Trends widget allows the user to know the tests which are kept in the queue and the tests that are put in a running state. The information can be filtered by clicking on the relevant legends at the bottom of the graph.

Use case

John is a QA Manager, and his team runs more than 50,000 Jobs in a month across various LambdaTest products like Web Automation, App Automation, and HyperExecute.

John wants to know the duration of the tests kept in queue and the duration of tests put in running state. With the Concurrency Trends widget he can easily track the duration and make a decision to optimize the LambdaTest plan currently subscribed by his team.