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"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children." David Lane SSL

Don't tell the Space Terrorists!
The asteroid 2001-YB5 has these orbital elements.

a = 2.349557177836 au
e = 0.862427471513
i = 5.490700413641 deg
L = 109.3451209415 deg
w = 114.2474452629 deg
T = JD 2453637.57768
If any scruffy Space Terrorists study these orbits, they might figure out that they can divert the 36 billion kilogram asteroid into a collision with Earth! This could be accomplished with the following delta-vee:

Td = JD 2458238.25 (18h UT, 29 April 2018)
dV = 83.659 m/s
RA = 15h 24m 20.79s
dec= +5.4816652 deg
Earth's orbital elements are...

a = 1.0000001124 au
e = 0.0167102192
i = 0
L = 0
w = 103.078101 deg
T = JD 2454468.667
The elements of the transfer orbit would be...

a = 2.34927904922 au
e = 0.86261448066
i = 5.61408792487 deg
L = 106.665251678 deg
w = 116.777537558 deg
T = JD 2457580.637076
The transit time is 617.02 days, with impact occuring at JD 2458855.27 (18:28:48, 6 January 2020). 2001-YB5 would approach Earth from a direction about midway between Procyon and Pollux. A 5000-megaton vertical impact could occur in the Bay of Bengal or in surrounding countries. Don't tell the Space Terrorists! They might get ideas!

For citizenship some people are woefully unfit
The Fourteenth is a fraud still for which we will never sit
The Rothschilds will be lucky if we pay them back with shit
Our truth is marching on!
The illegal immigrants will have to stop their sneaky ways
Their credit fraud and ID theft will end their numbered days
We will chase them back to Mexico and terminate their stays
The White race marches on!
I will fight the endless evil to which all the laws are bent
Racial mixing and the income tax aren't what the Founders meant
And to hell with leftist meddlers and their puppet President
Our truth is marching on!
The U.S. Code's corruption we shall tolerate no more
The Congress has less honor than God gave the meanest whore
If the federals don't like it then let's have a Civil War
Our truth is marching on!
We will fight the vicious niggers and we'll fight the evil Jews
If we all would fight together then the Whites could never lose
We will have a brand-new country, and with just the laws we choose
The White race marches on!
Glory, glory, hallelu-yer!
Politicians are peculiar
I met one at the door with a loaded forty-four
And he won't spend my taxes any more!

Democracy is like a spaceship whose navigation is being done by a bunch of chimpanzees. Since the planet they want to reach is over that way, the thing to do, obviously, is point the nose of the spaceship in the same direction and blast the rockets until all the fuel is gone. The subtleties of celestial mechanics and the calculation of delta-vees are beyond chimpanzee minds, and so chimps should never be used as spaceship navigators. Guiding a nation on a prudent course is beyond the minds of most people, and therefore most people should not be allowed to vote. They should want only to be led by leaders who value them, to be peasants in the land, honored by king and nobles as the source of their bread.

Gordon Kahl Was Right! And So Was Mao ZeDong

Mao ZeDong is famous for the following insight: "All political power grows from the barrel of a gun." Law is fiction. Bullets are the reality. Law is simply a way of telling people what they must do (or refrain from doing) so that the government's men won't kill them with bullets.

When governments get out of control, as they have a conspicuous habit of doing, they begin to cheat on their own laws. Their agents start breaking laws, using flimsy excuses to justify themselves, and getting their excuses confirmed and upheld by the government's courts, which became corrupt at about the same time. At some point, it becomes clear that the law only applies to "the little people."

Lon Horiuchi, an FBI sniper, murdered a woman named Vicki Weaver. He shot her through the open front doorway of her home as she was holding her baby. The father caught the baby as its mother fell down and died. Lon Horiuchi has never been brought to trial for murder, and, in fact, a federal judge ruled that Idaho may not try federal agents for the murder of their fellow citizens. (Idaho had sought only to try Horiuchi for involuntary manslaughter, even though murder is obviously the crime he committed.)

Now, to the point. What I know about US federal laws gives me the impression that the USC (subsequent to the Constitution) has the general character of concealed pits, baited traps, and poisoned meat - obscured in a jungle of very technical legal language. Your federal laws are meant to be hard to understand and easy to break unintentionally. And that implies that your government wants at all times to have some excuse to arrest anyone... anyone at all.

There's a federal law, 26 U.S.C. 6011, which requires US citizens to file income tax returns. But there's a problem with it: it violates the separation of powers principle in the US Constitution by giving legislative powers to an official in the Executive Branch of government. It is one thing for a Treasury Secretary to make regulations governing the conduct of Treasury Department employees. It is something else, namely legislation, when his "regulations" affect the whole of American society.

An employer's operational policies aren't laws because they apply only to his employees and because an employee who does not like them can escape their effect by quitting his job. However, 26 USC 6011 says that the policies created by the Secretary of the Treasury apply to all US citizens, most of whom do NOT work for the US Treasury Department. In other words, the Secretary's regulations ARE laws because they have the scope and the compulsory character of laws.

The Executive Branch of the US Government is not supposed to legislate. The only exception is an emergency mechanism known as the Executive Order, which was intended to give US Presidents the power to lead troops in war, but which US Presidents have been abusing politically since the Administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Other than that, only Congress may legislate. That's what the first paragraph of Article 1 means: "All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and a House of Representatives." 26 USC 6011 is in conflict with that paragraph, and the matter becomes a question of which has the higher priority in US law.

But remember what Mao ZeDong said. The problem for Americans is that none of them dares to act alone. The US government punishes those who attempt to make citizens aware that some of the government's behavior with respect to taxation is illegal. When a North Dakota farmer, Gordon Kahl, did that, the IRS sent a team of US marshals to assassinate him, but they shot his son instead. Whereupon Gordon Kahl, all by himself, defeated the Marshals with his hunting rifle, killing two and driving the others away. Gordon took his son to a doctor, took his wife home, and disappeared.

Gordon Kahl had done the only thing he could possibly do in that situation. If the US Marshals had won the gunfight, not only would Gordon have been dead, it's likely that his wife and son would have been eliminated, too, as witnesses. Whatever he did, Gordon Kahl's doom was sealed when that IRS bureaucrat decided he was making too much trouble for the tax collectors and should therefore die.

After that first failed ambush, Gordon left North Dakota and took refuge in the home of an Arkansas family. Try as it might, the US government just could not find him... until the daughter of the man who had offered sanctuary went to the FBI and gave information in exchange for a cash reward. Did she do it for the money? Did she do it because she "felt" it was right? Did she do it because she was afraid of being punished if she did not do it? Nobody except that young traitoress really knows. But as the result of her choice, her father was imprisoned, her home was destroyed, and Gordon Kahl - really, an innocent man - was tortured to death by armed thugs who broke his bones with their rifle stocks, chopped away his hands and feet with an axe, and then killed him with a shot to the head.

So that's one way the US government keeps its "right" to violate the constitutional form of government. Terror. Though it rails night and day against Islamic terrorists, the US government is a worse terrorist than they are. It tortures men to death for trying to organize a tax rebellion, even though the tax-rebels are as much in the right today as they were in 1770. But it's called "terrorism" only when YOU attack THEM. The laws against terrorism, as against murder, only apply to "the little people." When the government doesn't hunt its victim down to give him the Gordon Kahl Treatment, they arrest him and put him in a prison cell with a group of men who have been unofficially employed by the government to torture him by homosexual rape. Federal agents occasionally threaten people with prison gang-rape (often referring to it as if it were some sort of joke) as a means of intimidating them into compliance.

US domestic policy is largely a matter of inflicting Stockholm syndrome on the American people. The success of that policy can be seen in the numbers of Americans who, knowing the corruption of their federal government and the evil and illegality of some of its practices, nevertheless declare their allegiance to it. The simple fact is that no American dares to act alone, and Americans have no organization whereby they may all act together to defy their government's illegal conduct en masse. Preventing such an organization from coalescing from Americans' inborn desire for freedom is one of the biggest jobs of the United States federal police agencies and their supporting propaganda arms.

Gordon Kahl and Mao ZeDong were both right. And so was Jesus, when he said that the love of money was the root of all evil. It is at least the root of much evil. The despicable actions of the US government's officers, agents, and stooges is mostly motivated by their love of the money paid them. They don't question the morals of their employer because it would jeopardize their income. Yet many of them, if they lost their federal jobs, would begin doing so before a season could change.

Articles Features
The Rise of Prussian Blue
The Decline of the National Alliance
Join a better White nationalist organization!

Who Betrayed Who?
My only obligations are the ones that I choose.
Draft me for the Army, and I'll make sure you lose.
I'll poison your officers; I'll mislead your troops.
I'll blow up your supplies and make you my dupes.
I'll tell all your foes of your tactical plan
And make sure he knows all your spies to the man.
You might even catch me after a while,
But I won't make it easy; I'll defeat you with style.
You say this is treason; that's a federal trait.
I don't mind the Arabs; it's you that I hate.
I hate you for Waco, for towers that fall,
For killing Sam Weaver and Gordon Kahl.
For putting the blame on Gordon's son, Yorie:
Did you think that we'd never hear the real story?
Your foul, clever lies put that good man in jail,
And, since it worked, you did the same to Matt Hale.
I hate your presumption, your claim on my life.
You took me from home, from children and wife.
You raped me with taxes and took all my cash.
Do you think that I give a rat's ass if you crash?
You screwed up every law that I'm likely to meet
And introduced Blacks to my school and my street.
You sent me to war because of a lie,
And consequently I'd like you to die.
I'll fight when I'm threatened, but here's the big news:
I won't fight very well for the interests of Jews.
Don't make me a draftee. Heed this warning for true:
Conscription of me is disaster for you.
You say this is treason, but in saying you lied.
It's really sedition, and it's justified.
Support Honest Police.
Abolish the U.S. Government.

"Preferential treatment for minorities stops working as soon as whites become the minority."
- Oscar Yeager

"Mixing shit and ice cream ruins the ice cream and does not improve the shit."
- Unknown

Some federal rules for buying guns.

1. In order to be eligible to buy a gun you must...
* Not be indicted for a crime that could potentially get you a sentence of a year or more, if you are convicted.
* Never have been convicted for a crime that could have gotten you a sentence of a year or more, even if the judge gave you a lesser sentence.
* Not be a fugitive from justice.
* Not be an illegal drug user.
* Not have been legally determined by a court to be mentally defective.
* Not have been dishonorably discharged from the U.S. Armed Forces.
* Not be an illegal alien.
* Never have renounced your U.S. citizenship.
* Not be under a restraining order for domestic violence, stalking, or making threats.
* Never have been convicted for a crime of domestic violence.

2. An eligible person can buy guns only for himself or as a GIFT for another eligible person. You can't buy a gun for someone who gives you the money to buy it with. You can't accept money as remuneration afterward, either.

Note: When you go to the gun store, you'll be asked to show your driver's license to prove your identity. Showing false ID is probably against the law. The seller will either have you fill out an ATF F Form 4473, or he will do it for you. The form asks you to confirm that you're eligible to buy a gun and that you're not buying it for somebody that you're not supposed to be buying it for. Don't be surprised if, despite your having a spotless record for obedience to the law and a reputation for being a wonderful, charitable fellow, the government puts a DELAY on whether or not to give you permission to buy the gun. It happens all the time, though I'm not sure why. The delay is usually for just a few days.

But how would it be if White nationalists governed America? Any White person could have any gun that he could afford to buy. But if he misbehaved with it, somebody would probably shoot him. There'd be no attempt to deprive anyone of the least bit of freedom before laws were broken. But punishment for breaking them would be swift, and most likely permanent.

Racial Violence Statistics

The Story of the Cheerleading Cheater

The Apocalypse: it has begun

Tribute to Rachel Corrie
American peace activist murdered by an Israeli soldier on 16 March 2003

Sarah tripped Jack, and Abe pushed Jill, and both Jews laughed as down the hill their gentile victims took a spill. And other Jews made careful note, and here is how their history wrote: "Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack fell down and broke his crown, and Jill came tumbling after." Jill was dead, but Jack lived still and would have spoke with oratical skill of how us Whites Jews like to kill, but a Jewish doc prescribed a pill, and Jack died too, without a will.

The Racist Celestial Mechanics Lecture Series
Only twelve men ever stood on the surface of another world. All twelve were White.

Hermann Cherusci      20 April 17BC  Henry Ford             30 July 1863
Martin Luther      10 November 1483  Adolf Hitler          20 April 1889
Benjamin Franklin   17 January 1706  Rudolf Hess           26 April 1894
George Washington  22 February 1732  Ferenc Sz�lasi       6 January 1897
John Adams          30 October 1735  Corneliu Zelea Codreanu 13 Sep 1899
Patrick Henry           29 May 1736  Charles Lindbergh   4 February 1902
Thomas Paine        29 January 1737  Savitri Devi           30 Sept 1905
Thomas Jefferson      13 April 1743  Revilo Pendleton Oliver 7 July 1908
James Madison         16 March 1751  Joseph McCarthy    14 November 1908
James Knox Polk     2 November 1795  Hannah Reitsch        29 March 1912
Robert E. Lee       19 January 1807  Geo. Lincoln Rockwell  9 March 1918
Jefferson Davis         3 June 1808  Irma Grese           7 October 1923
Abraham Lincoln    12 February 1809  Edgar Ray Killen    17 January 1925
Nathan Bedford Forrest 13 July 1821  William L. Pierce 11 September 1933
Henry Cabot Lodge       12 May 1850  Slobodan Milosevic   20 August 1941
                                     Robert J. Matthews  16 January 1953

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), which is within the U.S. Department of Commerce, has ruled that the words White Pride are too "offensive and therefore scandalous" to be acceptable as part of a registered trademark. However, they have also ruled that Asian Pride, Mexican Pride, African Pride, Jewish Pride and Black Supremacy are all acceptable as trademarks.

Joseph Sobran's Columns and Essays
Good example: Spelling It Out

Charley Reese's columns have been discontinued here. They are no longer free access.

William L. Anderson's Essays
On a par with Sobran and Reese, worth reading even if he is Jew-shy.

American Renaissance Archive
Amren is Jew-shy, but otherwise a good information source.

VDARE - Sam Francis Articles
Sam Francis tells it like it is.

VOX Archive
Vox Day tells it as it almost is.

Aryan morality
"Thou shalt never lie and shalt remain faithful to thy pledge word."
Jewish morality
"Our vows shall not be vows, our bonds shall not be bonds, and our oaths shall not be oaths."

Most politicians are masters of what I call the Sagacious Insult. It's an insult delivered with a sigh and offered as a pearl of wisdom. And if you don't accept it with a smile, then you must be one of those swine before whom pearls should not be thrown.

Jewish power has always been rooted in deception. A part of this deception is racial chameleony: they imitate Whites, so that they may pass as Whites when it suits them. For example, the Jews within banking, in the media, and in government bureaucracies ensure that their vastly over-proportionate presence eludes detection, or at least escapes recognition, by pretending that they are White people. On the other hand, the Jews avoid being displaced by Blacks or by Hispanics from jobs by declaring that "Jews are not Whites" and thus entitling themselves, also, to minority favoritism. The status of the Jews is never a thing of firm definition. There is no group with a higher per capita degree of privilege or power. Yet they greedily grasp at the benefits that they say Whites owe to the beggar races.

When is political assassination a good thing?
"The Constitution of most of our states (and of the United States) assert that all power is inherent in the people; that they may exercise it by themselves; that it is their right and duty to be at all times armed and that they are entitled to freedom of person, freedom of religion, freedom of property, and freedom of press. Does the government fear us? Or do we fear the government? When the government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The law of self-preservation is higher than the written law. No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government. A little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing. Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure."
–Thomas Jefferson (a gathered quote)

"It will be of little avail to the people that the laws are made by men of their own choice, if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood; if they be repealed or revised before they are promulgated, or undergo such incessant changes that no man who knows what the law is today can guess what it will be tomorrow. Law is defined to be a rule of action; but how can that be a rule, which is little known and less fixed?" –James Madison, The Federalist Papers #62.

When is war a good thing?
Some purposes are morally better than others. Immorality comes from evil purposes, not from violence. There are good reasons for fighting, as well as bad ones.

In a fight between two men, it is seldom the case that both of them are equally at fault. More likely, one of them started it, and the other was forced to defend his honor, his property, his life, or his wife. If the purpose of one of the men was to rob the other man of his wristwatch, his purpose was an evil purpose, and his use of force to achieve it was morally wrong. On the other hand, the man who defended his right to keep his property had a good purpose, and his use of force to achieve it was morally right.

If a third man joins the fight, his purpose is evil if he joins the robber, but his purpose is good if he assists the intended victim. The same can be said of a fourth man, and of a fifth, and so on, no matter how many others join the fight. For each of them, there is a clear moral assignment to their purpose: good or evil. The rightness or wrongness of a purpose is separate from the number of people who join to achieve it. It is also separate from the degree to which they organize in pursuit of it.

War is not an exception.

Evil doers will lie about the moral assignment proper to their purpose. A robber will assert that the watch was originally his. Failing that, he will assert that the watch was owed him by a prior agreement with the victim. Failing that, he will assert that he should have the watch in compensation for the poverty of his situation, as compared with that of his victim. Etcetera. It is nearly always in the interest of the evil party to obscure, to cloud the moral considerations that are relevant to a moral question.

The tendency of evil to lie about the morality of a conflict does not vary with the size of the conflict. Those who wage war for an evil purpose will lie for their side, or they will repeat the lies told by their leaders - perhaps even believing them. But the signal of evil remains the lie. To find the falseness is to find the corruption.

War fought for the right reasons is man's most moral activity. War fought for the wrong reasons is the most immoral. But not one man in a thousand would know the right reasons from the wrong ones because of the political distance between himself and the intelligence by which the decision for war was made.

Morality does not decide who wins a conflict. Good does not always defeat evil. Each side has only the powers which its advocates put in its service. Where there is war, it is certainly possible that evil will triumph. When the real question for which the war is fought is larger than the war itself, and if evil wins, the lies may continue even long after the war has ended.

LEGAL NOTICE. On this website, I make criticisms of the actions, character, morals, habits, etc., of various persons and groups. Some of the targets of my commentary might regard what I say as annoying. New federal laws, which George Bush signed in yet another violation of the Constitution he swore to uphold, may require that I disclose my real name, in order to avoid prosecution for "Internet harrassment." Jerry Abbott is my well-known pen name. My real name is David Wayne Sims. All parties shall consider themselves duly informed.

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