Edureka Embraces LambdaTest To Ensure A Best-In-Class Online Learning Experience

Lovleen Bhatia, Co-Founder & CEO at Edureka

Headquarters: Bengaluru, India • Employees: 600+

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One of the largest e-learning platforms, Edureka, relies on LambdaTest to offer a top-notch learning experience for all its users through a robust UI, which is both cross browser compatible & mobile-friendly.

Founded in 2011, Edureka aims at revolutionizing the teaching methodology by providing well-designed, high-quality content to its learners. The company held its first virtual classroom in 2012 with the vision to help working professionals & freshers skill up their industry-specific knowledge. Today, the platform offers hundreds of online courses & is deemed as the first-choice for tens of thousands of professionals when it comes to e-learning.

The Edureka team was facing one of the most familiar hurdles to any e-learning platform, i.e., delivering a consistent web experience to all its students.

‘’Mobile is always a priority for us at Edureka as it is one of the most important channels for lead acquisition. A student could visit us from any mobile device, be it iOS or Android browser; we had to be ready for all to ensure that the website works seamlessly for everyone.” - says Lovleen

Edureka needed to make sure that their e-learning platform is providing an uninterrupted learning experience. Not taking the conventional route of building in-house infrastructure and the overhead associated with managing it, Edureka decided to opt for a cloud-based solution.

“We have hundreds of courses available on the platform, and the numbers are always growing, so we don’t want to clutter our bandwidth in maintaining an in-house infra lab for testing. We knew that we had to opt for a cloud ecosystem to perform cross browser testing involving multiple devices and operating systems. LambdaTest turned out to be a complete package for everything we needed to be certain about browser compatibility.” - says Lovleenhousands of professionals when it comes to e-learning.

With LambdaTest, Edureka was able to test across a wide variety of device and browser combinations without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

“Delivering a website that behaves consistently across all browsers, operating systems & mobile viewports seemed like a daunting task. Kudos to LambdaTest! We’re able to do so far easily than we imagined.” - says Lovleen

Cloud-based automation testing accelerated the deployment

Before using LambdaTest, the team used to perform limited cross browser testing, which led to a constant struggle of lesser browser coverage.

They preferred having a cloud Selenium Grid that was compatible with multiple programming languages and frameworks so even the developers could run automated unit tests along with QA, who take charge of E2E automation testing.

By using LambdaTest, the team was able to execute up to 200 tests concurrently through parallel testing. Test suites that used to take 60 minutes now take not more than 5 minutes. And they were able to compensate for the lack of browser coverage.

According to Lovleen, LambdaTest helped them release the build faster to release new features, videos, and content for their users without compromising their online experience.


LambdaTest provided accurate test results that helped Edureka coders to write and deploy educational content rapidly. Our dev team was quite impressed with the video recording feature, which worked as a proof of bug. And the third-party integrations further allowed us to log these bugs instantly over our project management board.”

- Lovleen Bhatia, Co-Founder & CEO at Edureka

LT Browser is a lifeline to deliver a mobile-friendly website

Mobile experience plays a significant role for Edureka users. Being in an e-learning company, website responsiveness and mobile performance have been the utmost priority for Edureka.

“One of the key advantages of online learning is that you can learn at any time and from anywhere. You can learn while you’re commuting, while you’re at work, or while you’re enjoying a weekend getaway to a remote location with limited network connectivity. We want to stand up to the expectations of our students by offering them a much convenient learning experience.” - says Lovleen

They strive to provide a delightful browsing and learning experience to their users. It was impeccable to test websites on different mobile viewports, resolutions, and network conditions. With LT Browser, Edureka's team was able to test the responsiveness of the website on a variety of iPhones, Android, tablets, and desktop screen resolutions in a side by side comparison view.

“From Developers to Quality Analysts, everyone finds LT browser to be an impactful add-on. The side-by-side comparison view, along with mirrored interactions, has helped us save tonnes of our time. Moreover, it offers network throttling to help us evaluate our web performance with respect to Google Lighthouse metrics.” - says Lovleen

Staying strong in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic

“Amidst the new normal, we noticed an unprecedented surge in our user adoption and demand. People want to utilize their time to enhance knowledge, acquire new skills, and pile up merit for themselves while working from home.” - says Lovleen

Edureka learners are spread globally using a wide range of devices and browsers. The COVID-19 pandemic brought in more learners, and it was now more important than ever to have a sturdy UI. With LambdaTest, Edureka was able to perform automated browser testing rigorously to guarantee a browser-compatible experience.

“When you realize that you have an unprecedented spike in the traffic. You get excited but at the same time concerned when it comes to establishing the first impression of your brand to these new visitors. Thanks to LambdaTest, we’re confident about leaving a lasting experience to our learners & visitors.”- says Lovleen