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  1. Overview
  2. 9 Of The Best Java Testing Frameworks For 2021
  3. JUnit 5 vs. TestNG: Choosing The Right Framework For Selenium Automation Testing
  4. How To Setup JUnit Environment For Your First Test?
  5. How To Install TestNG In Eclipse: Step By Step Guide
  6. Selenium Automation Testing: Basics and Getting Started
  7. Browser Automation With Selenium and Java
  8. How To Run Junit Tests From The Command Line?
  9. How to execute JUnit 4 tests with JUnit 5 [Tutorial]
  10. How To Use Mockito With JUnit 5 For Unit Testing? [Tutorial]
  11. Parallel Testing With JUnit 5 And Selenium [Tutorial]
  12. How To Run JUnit Selenium Tests using TestNG?
  13. How To Use DataProviders In TestNG [With Examples]?
  14. How To Set Test Case Priority In TestNG With Selenium?
  15. How To Perform Parallel Test Execution In TestNG With Selenium?
  16. How To Create Data-Driven Framework In Selenium?
  17. Selenium Java Tutorial: Automation Testing Of User Signup Form
  18. How To Handle Login Pop-up In Selenium WebDriver Using Java?
  19. How To Handle Captcha In Selenium?
  20. JUnit Parameterized Test For Selenium Automation With Examples
  21. How To Use Assertions In TestNG With Selenium?
  22. How To Use @RepeatedTest Annotation In JUnit 5?
  23. How To Handle Cookies in Selenium WebDriver?
  24. How To Minimize Browsers In Selenium WebDriver Using JUnit?
  25. How To Switch Between iFrames In Selenium Java [Tutorial]
  26. How To Capture Screenshots In Selenium? Guide With Examples
  27. How to Download & Upload Files Using Selenium With Java?
  28. How To Use Thread.sleep() In Java With Selenium?
  29. How To Deal With “Element is not clickable at point” Exception Using Selenium?
  30. How To Modify HTTP Request Headers In JAVA Using Selenium WebDriver?
  31. How To Use TestNG Reporter Log In Selenium?
  32. Selenium Java Testing: Page Object Model


Java is one of the top programming languages among Stack Overflow Developer Survey, with 33.35% of them voting for it. This is owing to its versatility that even automation engineers have adopted Java as their first choice for scripting language for Selenium automation testing.

If you’re a Java developer who’s passionate about quality assurance, then this is the right place for you.

Whatever your level of Java skill, this Selenium Java tutorial unleashes the full potential of test automation with Java. This will help you get everything up and running along with giving you all the information (and code) you need to create powerful test automation solutions.

Choosing The Right Java Framework

Due to the emergence of newer frameworks with distinct advantages, developers of the Selenium Java community often face which framework is best. And we’re sure that even you would be facing this. So check out this article to choose the right Selenium Java framework.

Selenium and Java Testing Framework Tutorial

In this section of the Selenium Java tutorial, you will learn more about the Selenium Java testing frameworks and how you can run your Selenium automation tests using those frameworks.

Deep diving into advanced use cases for Selenium and Java

In this section of the Selenium Java tutorial, you will learn how to run advanced use cases using Selenium and Java.

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