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Integrate LambdaTest with Cypress Dashboard

This article guides you on how to integrate LambdaTest platform with The Cypress Dashboard

In this demo we are demonstrating using LambdaTest's Sample Cypress Cloud Repo. You can find all the resources used for this article in the linked repo.

Steps To Integrate LambdaTest With Cypress Dashboard

Assuming that you have run a Cypress test on lambdatest platform ( if not, this article here will guide you in running your first Cypress test on LambdaTest), you need to follow these steps below:

Update LambdaTest Cypress CLI

  • Before getting started, you would have to update the lambdatest-cypress cli using the command below:
npm install -g lambdatest-cypress-cli
  • The CLI version should be the latest i.e. is 2.3.0. You can check the CLI version by running the below command.
lambdatest-cypress --version

Create a project

Create a project on Cypress Dashboard as shown below:


Enter Project Name


Define project ID

Once to create the project on Cypress Dashboard, you will get a project ID and a record key. Define the project ID in the cypress.json file of your project.


Define Record Key

Define the record key (Generated by Cypress Dashboard) in the run command as mentioned below:

lambdatest-cypress run --cy="--record;--key <key_value>"

LambdaTest-Cypress Integration

The integration is now done, just open the LambdaTest Dashboard and Cypress Dashboard to view the results.


That’s all! In case you have any questions or need any additional information, you could reach out at our [24X7 Chat Support] or mail us directly at