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LambdaTest Capability Map to Migrate from BrowserStack & SauceLabs


Besides LambdaTest, BrowserStack and SauceLabs also offer the cloud-based Selenium Grid. Migrating your BrowserStack or Sauce Labs tests to LambdaTest requires a few tweaks in your code. In this guide, we'll look at what changes that have to be made for easy migration to LambdaTest.

Changes to be made


Firstly, you need to change the authentication in the configuration settings of your test suite. For running tests on LambdaTest Selenium Grid, you need to have a valid user_name and access_key to perform tests on our cloud Grid. In case you don’t have an account on LambdaTest, visit the LambdaTest signup page and create a new account.

The following are the changes in the parameters:

  • Username
  • Access Key

You can find the Username and Access Key in the LambdaTest Automation Dashboard.


When migrating from BrowserStack or SauceLabs to LambdaTest, you need to make the following changes in the existing code:

  1. UserName
  2. AccessKey
  3. Hub URL
  4. Desired Capabilities

Here is a side-by-side comparison of each of the fields that we have highlighted above:

UserNameStringUserName to access Selenium Grid on LambdaTestUserName to access Selenium Grid on BrowserStackUserName to access Selenium Grid on Sauce Labs
AccessKeyStringAccessKey to access Selenium Grid on LambdaTestAccessKey to access Selenium Grid on BrowserStackAccessKey to access Selenium Grid on Sauce Labs
userName = "LambdaTest_UserName"
accessKey = "LambdaTest_AccessKey"

Mapping of Capabilities

The following capabilities from the other Cloud platforms (BrowserStack and SauceLabs) will be mapped automatically in the LambdaTest platform.

Build namebuildbuildNamebuild
Project nameprojectNameproject-
Session name/TestnamesessionNamename
OS (Selenium 4)platformNameosplatformName
OS (Selenium)platformosplatform
OS version-osVersion-
Browser version (Selenium)versionbrowserVersionversion
Screen ResolutionresolutionresolutionscreenResolution
Selenium versionselenium_versionseleniumVersionseleniumVersion
Driver versiondriver_version-browser_name+driverVersion
Geo LocationsgeoLocationgeoLocation-
Local testingtunnel (bool)local (bool)tunnelIdentifier (string)
Video RecordingvideovideorecordVideo
Time zonetimezonetimezonetimeZone
Network logsnetworknetworkLogsextendedDebugging

You can generate capabilities for your test requirements with the help of our inbuilt 🔗 Capabilities Generator tool.