LambdaTest recognized as Global Finalist in 2023 Microsoft Cloud Native App Development Partner of the Year

Mohit Juneja

Posted On: July 5, 2023

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LambdaTest is thrilled to announce its recognition as a Global Finalist in the 2023 Microsoft Cloud Native App Development Microsoft Partner of the Year. This prestigious accolade reinforces LambdaTest’s position as a trusted provider of testing solutions and highlights three key aspects of our success: the trust customers place in our solutions, the significant business impact we deliver, and our innovative IP – HyperExecute, which revolutionized test orchestration and execution.

Customers have embraced LambdaTest’s HyperExecute for its transformative capabilities in test orchestration. With the ability to run multiple test cases simultaneously, HyperExecute reduces testing time and effort. By dynamically allocating resources and parallelizing test execution, organizations can achieve faster results and improve overall testing efficiency. The seamless integration of HyperExecute with a wide range of existing testing frameworks has led to increased adoption and improved testing outcomes.

The future of testing lies in leveraging advanced technologies, and LambdaTest is at the forefront of this revolution. AI-powered failure analysis and RCA within HyperExecute demonstrates our commitment to pushing the boundaries of testing. Through machine learning algorithms, LambdaTest’s AI-powered failure analysis identifies patterns and predicts potential failures, enabling organizations to take preventive measures and enhance their testing strategies. To delve deeper into this cutting-edge technology, read our article – Boost Testing Efficiency With AI-Powered Failure Analysis In HyperExecute.

LambdaTest’s recognition as a Global Finalist in the 2023 Microsoft Cloud Native App Development competition is a testament to our customer-centric approach, business impact, and commitment to innovation.

We express sincere appreciation to Microsoft for their support and eagerly anticipate the future as we continue to push the boundaries of testing excellence.

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Mohit Juneja

Mohit Juneja, VP of Strategic Sales and Partnerships, is driven by the ambition to eliminate interruptions in the test automation workflow. With technology partners viz. Cloud OEMs & Hyperscalers, Test automation SaaS platforms, CI/CD platforms, etc., we deliver seamless test automation experiences, eliminating the need for context switching. With over a decade of experience at go-to-market and sales for Developer Tools and Cloud AppDev Services, Mohit played a pivotal role in GitHub's growth across Asia. At Microsoft, he worked across various functions as Microsoft Consulting Services, Corporate Strategy, and later served as the Business Lead for the Azure Application Development portfolio.

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