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WordPress Plugin

With LambdaTest plugin for WordPress, you can generate automated screenshots of your web pages and post directly from your WordPress platform.

How To Install & Use LambdaTest WordPress Plugin?

Step 1: Login to your WordPress account.

Step 2: Goto plugins and click on Add New plugin button.

Adding New Plugin in Wordpress

Step 3: Search for LambdaTest keyword in search bar and click on install button.

installing LambdaTest plugin

Step 4: Click on Activate button and you are all set with LambdaTest plugin.

activate LambdaTest Screenshot Plugin

Step 5: Now you can see LambdaTest Screenshot in plugin option on your WordPress platform.

LambdaTest screenshot plugin

Step 6: Now go to LambdaTest plugin and add LambdaTest profile account details.

access key for screenshot testing

Step 7: Go to profile section on your LambdaTest account and copy access key.

LambdaTest User Profile

Step 8: Add Email address and paste Access key in your WordPress platform. Click on Activate button.

activate screenshot testig feature

Step 9: You are all set with WordPress plugin.

screenshot testing setup

Step 10: Now you can Generate Automated Screenshots of your web pages or posts with LambdaTest plugin. Go to All Posts and you will LambdaTest icon below every post. Click on that icon.

Generate Automated Screenshots

Step 11: Now select the browser, browser version and mobile devices where you want to take screenshots and hit Start button.

take screenshots

Step 12: Here all the screenshots are generated.

generated automated screenshots